The Norwegian Directorate for Children, Youth and Family Affairs' (abbreviated Bufdir) work on universal design

Bufdir’s responsibilities with regards to universal design are coordinating the various sectors, filling knowledge gaps, and to advise other government bodies.  

Bufdir’s work on universal design is conducted by the Department of Equality ad Universal Design. Bufdir cooperates with government agencies, research institutions, organisations/civic groups and volunteers and assists The Ministry of Children and Equality in the development of policy. The goal is participation and accessibility for all. 

Ongoing work on universal design

  • Bufdir coordinates the work on national indicators for universal design, which implies close collaboration with various authorities about their data and possible indicators. We publish statistics on our website.
  • From 2016 Bufdir coordinates the Ministry’s action plan for universal design (2015-2019). 
  • Bufdir is also responsible for following up municipal and county advisory boards, warranted by the “Act on Councils and other representation in Municipalities and Counties for Persons with Disabilities (Act No. 21 of 15 June 2007)”
  • Bufdir organizes several networks, bringing together different stakeholders, from private and public sector, municipalities, research institutions and user organisations. Among these are networks within the building sector, the public transport sector, and digital services. We also run a network for universal design in municipalities together with The Norwegian Association of Local and Regional Authorities (KS).
  • In 2013 Bufdir was given control of a grant scheme aiming for projects about accessibility and universal design and has given monetary support to a wide range of activities run by private as well as public bodies.
  • Bufdir contributes to other key players’ important work on accessibility and universal design.