The crisis centres offers protection, advice, support and guidance if you are the victim of abuse or violence in a close relationship. If you are at risk of becoming the victim of violence or have already suffered such treatment, you and your children can find temporary shelter at a crisis centre.

The local authority has a statutory obligation to ensure that victims of violence, both women, men and children, are provided with adequate and appropriate shelter/refuge and day-time services (advice, support, guidance). The help should be coordinated with other relevant services for the victim.

Can I get help?

There are 45 crisis centres/shelters distributed throughout Norway (at least one in every county). The majority are open 24-hours a day. The centres are open for everyone who needs them. This includes:

  • People with disabilities
  • People from an ethnic minority
  • Children accompanying a care-giver

No referral from a doctor is needed to seek help from a crisis centre.

Can I be anonymous?

Although those staying at a crisis centre/shelter are entitled to anonymity with respect to both each other and members of staff, the centre’s general manager must know the identity of all residents.

What kind of help can I get?

During your stay at the crisis centre/shelter you will be given help to contact various support agencies. You can also receive help to start afresh, and receive help/advice after the stay. Some of the centres also offer counselling or self-help groups.

Children have rights of their own, and their individual needs must be taken care of. Some centres have employees who offer help and organise activities for children. However, you are expected to look after your own children while you are staying at the centre/shelter.

More information

If you need more information about crisis centres/shelters, you can order the brochure ‘The crisis centre – do you need us?’, which is available in 25 languages. The brochure is free of charge, but you must pay the postage. You can order the brochure by e-mail.